Avalon 2 Slot

Avalon 2 Slot

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  • 96.01% Return to player
  • Min bet 0.3$
  • Max win 50000х
  • Max Bet 7.5$

Avalon 2 Slot

The sequel to the blockbuster original, Avalon II, includes eight bonus games that will help you reach your destination. These games are different from the main game, and are designed to help you learn more about the Holy Grail.

Microgaming is a company that makes games with high-quality graphics and prices that are very lucrative. Plus, their games look really cool, which is a bonus!

There are lots of exciting features in the game, like free spins, rolling reels, and wilds. All of these features help players to win some really good prizes.

Avalon II has a lot of features that make it fun, and there are also technologies that can help you win games.

Avalon 2 Prize Quest

To win the Holy Grail, you start by playing the main game on your five reels. Based on how much you bet, the different symbols pay different amounts of coins. For example, the Nine and the Ten pay 0.04 coins, the Jack and the Queen pay 0.06 coins, and anything from three to five awards coins worth 0.15 or 0.80.

The King and Ace are at the top of the playing card pay scale, so they get 0.08 coins for spinning three, 0.30 coins for four, and 1.00 coins for five.

The Black Knight is a character who wants to stop you from getting the Holy Grail. He will give you coins for every time you spin him on a payline.

Morgan and Guinevere are on your side, so if you’re lucky enough, Merlin might give you prizes like 0.02 coins, 0.30 coins, 1.00 coins, or 8.00 coins for spinning two, three, four, or five times.

The king of the slot machines is Arthur. He pays out a lot of money in different ways, such as 0.02 for a double, 0.40 for a treble, 1.50 for a quadruple, and 10.00 for a full quintuple.

The “Avalon 2” logo is the biggest award in the game. It awards 0.05, 1.00, 5.00, and 20.00 coins, respectively.

The Grail Bonus symbol earns you 0.30, 1.50, 6.00, and 30.00 coins, and if you collect three of them, the bonus will automatically trigger.

If you play the Avalon 2 slot machine, you may find the Lady of the Lake symbol. This symbol expands your chances of winning by appearing in any other slot machine symbol, except for the scatter.


Avalon 2 Bonus Adventure

On your journey to find the Holy Grail in Avalon 2, you will unlock eight bonus games that will help you on your way. These games might include fun activities, like winning prizes, or challenging puzzles.

There are five different slot games in the Lake of Legend game series. In each one, you’ll need to use your free spins to help you win prizes. Some of the games involve matching shields or helms, while others have you rolling the dice to get lucky and find treasure chests filled with money or bonus prizes.

In the Misty Vale game, you can earn free spins by playing normal slots games. In the Dusky Moors game, you can win by matching two helmets. The Forest Falls game has you using your free spins to try to match three or more symbols on the reels. Finally, in the Whispering Wilds game, you can win by matching one of five shields.

In the Morgan’s Keep game, you can win free spins by defeating the Black Knight. The Hall of Shadows game has you trying to find the Holy Grail. And in the Isle of Avalon 2 game, you can win by spinning the wheel and getting lucky.

The bottom line is that Avalon II is a great game with lots of things to do. It is different from some of the other games that are out there right now, and the prizes are really magical. This is why it is the most popular real money online poker game in Australia, Canada, and Europe.